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Thanksgiving Gratitude Set

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The Thanksgiving Gratitude Set is a beautifully crafted collection made of echo birch, designed to enhance the warmth and togetherness of your holiday gathering. This set of 12 unique conversation starters is the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving traditions, encouraging guests to reflect and share on what they are most thankful for. Each piece is shaped like a fall leaf or an acorn, adding a festive touch to your table setting. Priced at $20 per set, these gratitude prompts are not only a meaningful activity but also a charming decoration. With questions ranging from “What’s the best advice you’ve received?” to “What are three things that make you smile?”, this Gratitude Set promises to ignite heartfelt conversations and create lasting memories. It’s an ideal way to express thanks and appreciation, fostering a spirit of gratitude that extends beyond the holiday.

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